Trevor Todd was born in Hamilton, Bermuda in 1965 and is a diverse artist whose work consists of mixed mediums. This technique allows him to express himself freely, with the intent of encouraging each individual viewer to interpret and take their own personal journey as they observe and analyze his work. Trevor also expresses his artistic talents at times through music (didgeridoo), photography, poetry, as well as through performing as a Bermuda Gombey dancer: an iconic symbol of Bermuda with indigenous, African and Caribbean roots.

Trevor’s journey to becoming an artist was a combination of self-discovery and travel. During a particular trip to Australia in 2005, while exploring the Aboriginal people’s unique culture and art in particular, he opened his mind to the possibilities within artistic expression and the freedom it provided him to express himself in such a way that was new, invigorating and therapeutic for his soul.

Originally self-taught, Trevor later continued his progression as an artist through formal classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York City; studying different artistic styles and techniques whilst there, gaining a deep understanding of different artistic methods that intrigued him in addition to utilizing the experience to help him develop his own craft.

His work has been featured in Bermuda, France and in the United States (in New York City).

Trevor is a fixture at the studio; he not only teaches our arts classes at Lotus for the Kids’ Aerial Camps, but he also assists our members in all aspects regarding the studio. If you’ve been to Lotus, you’ve met Trevor!




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