Lotus Buds Ballet and Ariel Classes

At Lotus, we love children and we love to challenge, entertain, teach healthy body awareness and empower them.

Classical Ballet for ages 4-7
Children and parents love the calm environment, small class size and the fun, clear focus on classical ballet technique with just the right blend of theatre and improvisation. Students must have ballet shoes and a black leotard. No previous ballet experience required.

Lotus Buds (Children’s) Aerial Class for ages 6–12
Silks, Lyra and Pole Fitness training combines acrobatics, gymnastics, strength training and artistry. It is anaerobic and aerobic, improves flexibility, builds and maintains lean muscle mass, increases bone strength and density, boosts metabolism and mood. Lotus is aiming to train Bermuda’s 1st Aerial Team.

Interested in Lotus Buds Classes?

You may visit our online schedule for regularly scheduled Lotus Buds classes, and if we have any current workshops, you will see these listed above on this page.

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