Therapy doesn’t have to break the bank nor does it require years of one-on-one sessions to be effective. In fact, there have been (successful) forms of therapy developed to challenge the demands of classical therapeutic approaches regarding time and monetary investments.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an example of a quick, effective treatment that’s available in Bermuda. How quick? According to the therapy’s founder and our local rapid transformational therapist, only one ninety-minute session is often required to get the results you’re looking for.

This type of therapy has been used to combat depression, phobias, weight loss, fertility issues, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, physical health ailments – you name it.

How Does RTT Work?

Many times, the issues that we see on the surface (such as disease, weight gain, etc.) are symptomatic of the beliefs we hold in our subconscious. Rapid Transformational Therapy is a blend of hypnotherapy and alternative healing that centers almost exclusively on the subconscious mind. This is because every thought, belief and action we take originates in the subconscious, and the subconscious is 10 million times more powerful and influential than your conscious or ‘waking’ mind.

For example, practitioners of RTT believe that mental illnesses, such as depression, come from the harsh, ruminating words we repeatedly tell ourselves in our heads. That recurring “recording” that our minds play must be eradicated from our thoughts and replaced with a new one – one that positively alters our beliefs about ourselves. Rolisa Camille, our local RTT practitioner at Lotus, says “People are extremely suggestable, but a lot of times, we’re given bad suggestions. Doctors may say, ‘This is your diagnosis and there is no cure’ or ‘It’s genetic and you have to take these pills for the rest of your life.’ In these cases, the mind often latches onto those beliefs and they become our realities.” The good news is that while it is easy for individuals to latch onto poor beliefs about themselves, the opposite is also true; we can latch onto new positive, empowering beliefs and alter our realities for the better.

In RTT, it is held that change can only occur by addressing the subconscious patterns of the mind and beliefs, and that it is only possible to access the subconscious when a patient enters a hypnotic state. Once a client is in a hypnotic state, the therapist will often practice regression on the patient. Regression is the act of going back through memories, often located in the subconscious, to locate how and why a behavior, disease or fear came into existence. If the symptom is related to an experience the client had at a younger age, the practitioner works with the client to shatter the belief created from those experiences and to then piece back a new, positive and empowering belief in its place. Regression is a technique that is also often used to help clients define their life purposes, going back to memories from childhood to find the passions we once had before we became inundated with self-esteem issues, societal influence and the ego.

How Can Results Happen So Quickly?

RTT was created by a clinical hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer – therapist to royalty, rock stars and celebrities with over thirty years of experience. Peer grew frustrated by traditional therapy methods that required vast amounts of time and only delivered incremental results week-over-week, year-over-year. Instead, she took it upon herself to create a system that would promote rapid, powerful and life lasting results in her clients. In fact, RTT is so empowering and enlightening that it is currently undergoing clinical research trials and is being implemented into some of the most highly sought after Therapy, Personal Development and Psychology Programs in the world.

Rolisa Camille

Our local rapid transformational therapist, Rolisa Camille, discovered Peer’s work and followed one of her sessions. Camille had been going to therapists on and off for years looking for solutions to anxiety, nail biting and, in her darkest times, deep depression for not feeling ‘Enough’. Unlike her experiences with the other types of therapy, Camille felt healed in just one session.

“She spoke three words I will never forget: ‘I am enough.’ I have that written on my bathroom mirror at home so that I can look at it every day. I am enough. I’ve found that the underlying reason for most of my clients’ problems begins with the fact that they don’t believe that they are enough – not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not skinny enough, not rich enough, whatever it is.”

Camille has an academic background in psychology and a professional background in child and adolescent services. A year after discovering Peer and the powers of RTT, Camille reached out to Peer to train with her to become a Rapid Transformation Therapist and boarded a plane to Vancouver. (And, coincidentally enough, ten years prior Camille had visited a psychic who had told her she would find her mentor in Vancouver!)

Who Can Benefit from RTT?

Rapid Transformational Therapy has many uses. It is most commonly applied to clients who want to overcome all types of abuse, trauma, eating disorders, low self-esteem or self-esteem/confidence, depression, anxiety, health issues, phobias and other maladaptive behaviors. Patients also include those who would like to make major life changes, such as losing weight, breaking bad habits, finding their perfect relationship, and discovering his or her life purpose.

What is a Session Like?

Before a session begins, Camille sends the client an intake form. The form allows Camille to collect specific information from the client so that she can better understand what the client wants to address in the session. Although most people require only one session, there may be cases that require more time such as auto immune diseases and eating disorders.

Depending on the issue the client is looking to eradicate, Camille introduces enlightening and empowering modalities (for example, regression, command cell therapy, life purpose function, etc.). It is often the case that a patient who comes in to deal with a surface-layer symptom (let’s say, tobacco cessation) usually walks out with an understanding of why or how that thing manifested itself in his or her life. And from there, finds him or herself able to dismantle the behavior. Finding the root cause within the subconscious is key.

After the session, the client is given a personalize recording that uses powerful hypnotic and positive language that affirms the change the client wants. Camille recommends her patients listen to the recording for at least twenty-one days post-treatment, and she follows up with them often in the first few weeks to ensure they are compliant. “The recording becomes more powerful the longer you listen to it – and ultimately, it evolves your life,” says Camille.

Rolisa Camille will receive her Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification through CDP & Marisa Peer Method School in November 2017. She is available for appointments via the form below.

Sessions can be given in person (in Bermuda) or through Skype.

A big thank you to Rolisa Camille who gave me an introductory session to Rapid Transformational Therapy.




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